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That's exactly it. When xml is loaded into the wizard, I handled the XML.onData event to get at the raw text before Flash tries to parse it into an XML object, then escape / unescape the chars, then fire onload manually to parse the xml. Look at those two events if you want, but I spent quite a bit of time trying to get it bulletproof, and I think got as good as I could get because of the round tripping without diving the entire structure. It's fine when text is in CDATA, which it is - unless the page takes children of any kind (hotspots / nested pages, etc)

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One of the issues I think is, that we internally use '<'to escape the '<' and than when going back we can't differentiate correctly between < typed in by the user, or < generated by escaping code.

We could try to fix that...


Op 3-5-2013 13:54, Julian Tenney schreef:
It'll be the ones where the text is escaped and held on a node attribute, rather than CDATAed and held as the node's payload. It isn't easy to escape the XML, load it into the editor, edit it and escape it again on the way out in those cases. You're sort of taking this to places it isn't really intended to go.

Things are better in bootstrap, because all text is CDATA, so HTML is safe, but it's not entirely safe in the toolkit.

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I've just tried < in text on a few pages and it's displaying as text for me.  Is it a problem on just some pages types?  Which ones?

I can fix the table <br> problem though.  It's adding brs in where ever there are line breaks which currently even includes in table markup.  So, for example:


... will look fine but...


... will add in lots of unnecessary brs.

I'll get it to ignore those between table tags.

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A colleague and I have been working on creating a training module for publishers on accessibility metadata. The metadata is in XML format and we are trying to embed it in XOT pages to illustrate different metadata and how it describes different parts of a book cover.

However it is proving a bit unpredictable in the code. Can anyone advise us on the following?

-- how does text containing the < character to work? It seems completely capricious, sometimes switching between displaying the < and trying to interpret it as markup even after you've got it all correct. In two editing sessions, I was unable to form an understanding of what the editor was doing to my text

-- the application appears to insert a predictable (but not controllable) number of blank lines (as <br>) above each <table> inserted in a text box. Can this be controlled?

Any advice would be welcome. Obviously it's brilliant to now have tables working in XOT but it would be nice if they weren't so stuffed with BRs. And is there a way to understand < behaviour or should we be using latex instead?

Many thanks


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