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Paul Swanson Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com
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I believe the default for upload_max_size is 2MB. There is also a post_max_size setting that should be set to at least as high as upload_max_size. Drupal.org has a nice write-up on what/how to change these settings: http://drupal.org/node/97193

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Am not sure if I added it, as my mind says you can use XOT and not upload if you felt like it?

Probably a question for the list - suspect no one else is reading now.

I am not sure if a server might mask the upload path? What happens to uploads if it isn't set? I don't know enough php admin to answer that

On 1 May 2013, at 07:25, Tom Reijnders <reijnders at tor.nl<mailto:reijnders at tor.nl>> wrote:
What are you suggestion then. Make this a warning in stead of a requirement?
Op 30-4-2013 21:32, Pat @ Pgogy schreef:
Sorry - my mistake

I don't recall it being my work

Nicks account had a Wordpress blog and so logically has upload support

On 30 Apr 2013, at 15:48, Tom Reijnders <reijnders at tor.nl<mailto:reijnders at tor.nl>> wrote:
The installer just checks whether it is set or not. If it is not set, my understanding is, that you can't upload anything.

BTW, this is not a new check in the installer, it was already present.

Op 30-4-2013 15:14, Pat @ Pgogy schreef:
Why does an install need to change upload_tmp? Does it just need to be set

On 30 Apr 2013, at 13:39, "Sheppard, Nick" <N.E.Sheppard at leedsmet.ac.uk<mailto:N.E.Sheppard at leedsmet.ac.uk>> wrote:
Thanks Tom…

I’m now getting the error displayed but not sure I can modify the ini as it’s under the control of my commercial provider and my control panel just says These PHP configuration settings are customizable by the server administrator. They are listed for reference only.


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Sorry, my mistake.

There is an error with "upload_tmp_dir" in you configuration.

And I made an error when I tried to display that error to you.

The fix is attached. Place that in the setup folder.

Please try that and come back to the list.

If you are sure everything is ok, you can continue (but this is a hack!) by going to


Op 30-4-2013 12:44, Sheppard, Nick schreef:

I’m an amateur web dev at best and in the hope of setting up a demo quickly I had a quick go at installing Xerte on my own 3rd party commercial server…but got stuck at http://fernsfarm.com/xertetoolkits/setup/php_modules_test.php which seem to suggest that I should be able to continue with the install though nothing happens when I hit “Try Again”…any tips?  Thanks


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