[Xerte] Problem with XOT 1.9

Guy Footring Guy at Footring.net
Sat Mar 16 20:35:42 GMT 2013

I downloaded the xot 1.9 zipfile this morning and installed to a hosted 
web-server using the cpanel interface.

I found I needed to create a php.ini file with register_globals = true 
in order to get anywhere with xot.  Having made that change, together 
with changing auth to use static.php, I'm now able to login and get the 
next screen, but I'm unable to create projects.

Attempting to create a project brings up the edit screen with the URL 
http://myhost.fqdn/xerte/edit.php?template_id=2 and the error message:
Invalid template_id (could not find in DB)

(template_id increments by one on each attempt to create).

If I display the Workspace properties, under the My Details tab I just 
get the fixed display strings but no values:
My Details

My name on the system is

My last login was on

My username is

There are some entries in the database with the relevant id:


template_id 	creator_id 	template_type_id 	template_name 	date_created 
date_modified 	date_accessed 	number_of_uses 	access_to_whom
  	1 	NULL	5 	MyProject 	2013-03-16 	2013-03-16 	NULL	NULL	Private


template_id 	user_id 	role 	folder 	notes
  	1 	NULL	creator	0 	NULL

It looks odd that creator_id and user_id are NULL, so wondering if it is 
a problem with the authentication or logged-in-ID-tracking (would 
perhaps tie in with no details being displayed for the workspace 
properties). I get the same problem if I use the guest authentication 

Logging in to the management.php screen I don't get any functionality 
available - the screen appears OK with the standard options but text 
area just displays "the feature is for administrators only".

Any suggestions as to how to fix the problem or next steps in further 
diagnosing it would be much appreciated.


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