[Xerte] Problems embedding iSpring movie into Xerte template

Luci Aro arolucian at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 8 18:20:37 GMT 2013

Hello I´m using Xerte online toolkit.  and also I'm using iSpring Pro 6.2 to create a SWF file to embed it into Xerte. 
I have problems when trying to insert iSpring movie, the SWF file can´t be displayed in the templated where I have inserted, I have researched about the topic but I can´t find more especific details about how I must to save the swf file generated before publishing it with iSpring pro. I Changed the pixels, and I also asked to  iSpring technical advisor, and he recommended me create All in one Flash file to have an .swf file which will contain everything. Don't detach media if I don't want it to be stored in a data folder associated with .swf file. He told that there could be API conflicts between parent container object and iSpring movie, and that if Xerte requires AS 2.0 movies I can try out converting iSpring to AS 2.0 movie by choosing a legacy player. iSpring converts movies to AS 3.0 format by default. I followed the recomendations but it doesn´t work. Could you please tell me if there is another way in order to embed a Spring movie into Xerte template succsesfullly? Thanks a lot  Luciana. 

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