[Xerte] Re: Locating content source files.

Talbot, Richard Richard.Talbot at chichester.ac.uk
Wed Mar 6 09:20:52 GMT 2013

Thank you for the replies.


I think I may have missed a trick.


After a bit of playing about I have found that it is possible to import
an Exported ZIP file.

However, once imported initially the file wasn't shown until I re-sorted
the available files.

I will now be able to edit the source files from within Xerte.





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The zip file really holds everything you need. 

Perhaps if you tell us what you're trying to accomplish, we can help you


Op 5-3-2013 17:25, Talbot, Richard schreef:

	Dear Xerte Community


	Here at Chichester College we have been experimenting with Xerte
to create interactive learning objects to be made available via moodle.


	We are using  a portable version of Xerte that can be launched
directly from a memory stick without the need for installation.


	I have a question that I am hoping you may be able to help me


	Once content has been created within Xerte is it possible to
lift the content from the memory stick and copy the files to another
	I know you can create a ZIP file or a SCORM object but I was
trying to trace the location of the working files. 
	I have found all the images and audio files in a folder called
	I guess I also need to find where the individual pages are


	It may be that I have missed something obvious.


	Thank you for reading this and for any help or advice you can


	Best Regards

	Richard Talbot

	Staff ILT instructor

	Chichester College




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