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John Horton John.Horton at nottingham.ac.uk
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That has turned out to be exactly the case – Julian has fixed it here. (Mathjax was firing once and once only.)

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Sounds like the Mathjax isn't firing? Are there JS errors?

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The fact that we loose '\'when reentering the editor is a known issue. I'll give it another go to try and fix this.

In the mean time, the math capabilities  of Xerte Online Toolkits 2.0 have been enhanced with MathJax. So if you have XOT 2,0 at your disposal you can do the same with:


This is the so-called AsciiMath syntax. Latex should work as well, but then you would have to cope with '\' again, so no point in doing that now.



A colleague in Chemistry at Nottingham has been using equations in Toolkits over the last few days and she is overjoyed that she can now display algebra properly. However, she has managed to find a bug. Although I’ve not read all the correspondence about backslashes and losing them when re-entering the editor, her problem does seem to be related (even if only superficially).

Here’s how to reproduce it. Create a quiz and add some algebra to the question or the possible answers. Add some other icon to the main flow-line. Run the program; observe that the algebra is displayed correctly; go to the next page; return to the quiz page; observe that the algebra is now displayed exactly as it was put into the editor e.g. E = mc2 now appears as  `E=mc^2`.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to avoid this?

John Horton

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