[Xerte] Re: Xerte OT1.9 LDAP - can't locate users to share with

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 14 16:16:48 BST 2013

I think that functionality would need developing.

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We're just getting to grips with Xerte OT1.9 install with LDAP authentication (login is working fine).

When I try to share a learning object (properties, shared settings), I get 'no one found with those details' for every search other than Guest user (3).
This is the user I can see via management.php/users.
Anyone know how to get XOT to list users from LDAP rather than/as well as its internal userlist?

Also noticed that main page has 'Logged in as' followed by a blank space which is not an issue unless it sheds some light on the above.

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