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I've seen this a few times recently - thanks for your help, we'll solve it,

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I posted this on the Xerte Community site this morning (eventually getting it under the correct category), but wondered whether this list was a better place:


Here at SOAS I've recently installed XOTv2 on a SLES11 LAMP server setup.
I'm getting problems importing media.
For authenticated users (LDAP), the system seems to happily create a workspace and project with what appears to be the correct directory structure under 'USER-FILES' (a named directory containing 'data.xml' and 'preview.xml' files, along with a 'media' directory).
However, when using the 'Edit' button on the 'My Projects' page, and then trying to 'insert' media (I've tried images and videos) to a page, I hit a problem.
It allows me to navigate to a file that I want to upload; tells me "Upload successful"; puts a 'path' in the 'image' box on the edit screen; and even writes that path into the 'data.xml' and 'preview.xml' files. But it doesn't upload the image to the 'media' directory.
I can upload files by clicking on the 'Properties' button on the 'My Projects' page and using the 'Media and quota' tab to 'Import' the files. They are then written to the 'media' directory and display correctly via the 'My Projects' 'Preview' button (or the 'Edit' -> 'Play' buttons).

These are only small(ish) files - less than 1MB.

Does anyone have any ideas what is set incorrectly, or can anyone point me towards the correct bit of code to put some debug messages in?


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