[Xerte] Import an Exported Xerte File into XOT

Adam Read aread at marjon.ac.uk
Tue Jul 30 10:11:00 BST 2013

Hi wizards

I've scanned the Xerte list and although I can find some reference to this I can't make sense of the processes documented.

We're running XOT (not the most recent version) which has HTML5 support.

Students have created Xerte objects using the standard Nottingham template, and they've exported Zip versions. We now need to re-import these Xerte objects back in to XOT so they can be edited, and then linked to using the HTML5 URL.

How do I re-import a downloaded ZIP? I can't see an import via the Management.php section, and importing a zip under Properties > Media > Import gives me a invalid filetype error.

Thanks, Adam

Adam Read BA (Hons) PG Cert ODE (Open)
Senior e-Learning Technologist
University of St Mark & St John

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