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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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Why not convert the wavs to mp3s then you can include them in the project directly?

Really the best thing to do here is get Xerte installed properly on a web server at your institution. That's how it's designed to be used. The xampp / localhost was never intended as a proper production environment, rather it was intended as a way of testing the software before going through the hoops to get it installed properly. There is functionality that doesn't work, and never will work, on localhost.

Unzip the exported project to a folder. You will have an .htm file that you run to load the project, right? The paths in your links need to be relative to that file. In that folder you also have a media folder, and in that media folder is the pdf you want to link to, right?

So to link to a .pdf in a media folder from a web page in the folder above, you would use

<a href="media/file.pdf" target="_blank">Click here</a>

I can't see why that wouldn't work unless I'm missing something obvious,

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Hi Julian,
I tried that and unfortunately did not work.
If it helps, the downloadable file types are .wav (so student can click on link and listen heart murmur) and .pdf (so student can click on link and print summary notes).
Is there any other way?
Thank you.

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Hi Julian,

To clarify would I replace  'localhost/xertetoolkits/USER_FILES/yourProject/myFilename.abc' with 'media/myFilename.abc'  within the page I want the downloadable link?

Thank you.


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