[Xerte] Re: Query about Xerte https access

Pat @ Pgogy xerte at pgogywebstuff.com
Wed Jul 24 18:40:59 BST 2013

No problem

We can probably code something to trap this

On 24 Jul 2013, at 16:59, Joss Winn <jwinn at lincoln.ac.uk> wrote:

> Doh! That fixed it. Thanks, Pat.
> Joss
> On 24/07/2013 16:53, "Pat @ Pgogy " <xerte at pgogywebstuff.com> wrote:
>> It's probably because the site URL is set as http
>> Try setting the site URL to https
>> On 24 Jul 2013, at 16:36, Jamie Wood <jwood at lincoln.ac.uk> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> We're running a Xerte project here at Lincoln and have come across a
>>> problem with Chrome (and other browsers) running Xerte over https. I've
>>> copied over a query from our Centre for Educational Research and
>>> Development below about this technical issue. Can anyone help with this
>>> and the questions in the paragraphs within the dotted lines below?
>>> ------------
>>> The issue seems to be that Chrome has a problem with running Xerte
>>> securely over https. It says that although https is turned on on our
>>> server, some of the files are non-securely 'leaking' over http. It seems
>>> to be especially strict about this, compared to other browsers. If I
>>> turn off https altogether and, this is key, remove all cookies and
>>> browsing history from Chrome, then it performs perfectly OK over http.
>>> The problem we have is that to use university logins, we need to run it
>>> over https, and if the tool is going to be used by 100+ people, this is
>>> by far the preferred method of login.
>>> Jamie, please could you write to the mailing list, copying me in,
>>> reporting this problem and asking for advice? How are other institutions
>>> running it successfully over https? Why is Xerte serving certain files
>>> over http, when https is being requested? This seems like a bug and a
>>> security issue with Xerte to me.
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