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It sounds like some bad markup in one of the questions somewhere. There's no limits or anything like that. Do you cut and paste from Word?

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One of my team has designed a large LO and an equally large quiz in xerte 2.0, she has used the html5 LO type, selected Quiz under Interactivity and added 27 questions. The feedback is in-depth with a number of paragraphs providing students feedback to some questions.

When we go to preview the LO, the screen remains white and nothing uploads.  When we removed the quiz the LO loaded and was viewable.  We duplicated the LO and added a new quiz, copy and pasting the first 2 questions and the LO loaded successfully. Having spent a number of hours working on her LO my colleague would like to know what is stopping the LO with 27 questions displaying?  Has this been documented or asked before?  Is there a question limit?  Is there a word count limit with feedback?

Many thanks

Jason Bardell  | Kent Fire & Rescue Service |

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