[Xerte] Produce stand-alone swf files?

Coleman, Michele michele.coleman at teamaol.com
Tue Jul 16 03:47:01 BST 2013

I haven't downloaded or used Xerte yet, so please be gentle with me. I am trying to determine if I can even use Xerte in my workflow. I have spent a few hours looking/searching through the wiki and mailing list archives and watching some training videos, and have not found my question addressed.

I would like to use Xerte to produce elearning interactions in swf format which I can then import into Adobe Presenter. I might need a single .swf file to import into Presenter, though I'm not 100% sure whether it can reference other files.

The interactions I am considering would be fairly simple, with text and images but no sound. They would be a single page so there would be no navigation between pages. For example, something like the tabbed navigator on slide 23 of the toolkit demo at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/toolkits/play_560 would be great, or the hotspot image on slide 34.

I noticed (in a training video) that there are .swf files among the multiple files produced in a zipped export. If you tried to open/run just one of those .swf files would you see a single page of your learning objects? Or would it need some of the other files to even render correctly?

If it helps, here are some rules about the requirements for embedding .swf objects into Adobe Presenter:
* Don't use _root or absolute movie clip references. Use relative paths in the MovieClip object references, not _root.
* The SWF file you want to embed must not attempt to change anything outside its own file. Therefore, the code cannot refer to the following variables: _level#, _global, or stage
* Actionscipt 3 is supported, but Actionscript 2 does not work.

The bit about relative paths makes me think that it might be possible to import into Presenter a flash file that references other files, as long as the paths are relative, so I might not 100% require that the .swf file be completely stand alone.

Does the answer to my question change whether I'm using Online Toolkit vs. Developer's Edition vs. Flex Compiler?

Many thanks!

--Michele Coleman
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