[Xerte] Re: Flash problem

magicdream1999 at libero.it magicdream1999 at libero.it
Thu Jul 11 13:35:46 BST 2013

When I upload swf generated with Ispring pro, the video is on the right and 
leave a space on the left. In this case the swf is too on the left and some 
function in the flash file aren't on the screen

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>>Da: magicdream1999 at libero.it
>>Data: 11/07/2013 13.43
>>A: <xerte at lists.nottingham.ac.uk>
>>Ogg: Flash problem
>>I've tried to upload an Ispring file. When I add with Ispring option page, 
>>this flash video swf is all over the template.
>>If I upload like flash page, it doesn't appear well because the video is an 
>>If I upload like flash page with option Movie Size, doesn't change 
>>the video is cutted.
>>In HTML5 is all ok.
>>What is thee problem?

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