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Bardell Jason jason.bardell at kent.fire-uk.org
Thu Jul 4 12:52:55 BST 2013

Hello everyone

Me again!  Just after some help with inserting audio clips into image hot spot in connectors. Loving the new connectors over the old hot spot but I haven't quite mastered adding audio clips. This is what I've done, could someone tell me how I should do it please?

1.      Created a 'sound'  from 'optional properties', created a hot spot on an image and uploaded an MP3 audio clip. When I click on the hot spot an intermediate box appears saying 'download file', when I click on this, audio file appears in Media player, sound plays but if I navigate away from this page or hit another hotspot the sound continues, how do I stop it playing without having to click back on the audio hot spot and downloading file - which seems to stop it?
2.      Created another hot spot 'sound'. This time uploaded wav file, this time an audio toolbar loads (great) but when I click the play button the audio track doesn't play.  Why?

What am I doing wrong?



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