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Wed Jul 3 02:15:14 BST 2013

I'm still using XToolkits 1.7, trying to understand how it works before
upgrading. I'm trying to determine how some of the 'management headers' are
set. so I need to determine where/what info is held in global variable
'xerte_toolkits_site' and 'website_code_path' and from what dbase this is
being read. 


Specifically I'd like to manually look in the dbase and see the values in
the 'management_header' type fields, but I have no idea where this is set or
where to look. I'm a php beginner which makes this more of a challenge.
Anyone know where this data is held?








 * $xerte_toolkits_site variable

* Variable used to hold database settings

* @global object $xerte_toolkits_site



$xerte_toolkits_site->website_code_path = $row['website_code_path'];


echo file_get_contents($xerte_toolkits_site->21website_code_path .


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