[Xerte] Setting up on a virtual server for dummies

Hickey, Kevin kh at rsc-northwest.ac.uk
Tue Jul 2 21:18:59 BST 2013


Can I start by pointing out I am not a techie when it comes to servers, so apologies if I make schoolboy errors in this request.  I am an advisor for an RSC and I would like to get a server install of xerte on line toolkits so I can learn how to use the system, and hopefully demonstrate and teach others,  how they can use the system if they were to install it on their own servers.
I've been told I can request a virtual server to do this but I need to have the complete details of requirements before I go any further, including details of any requires additional software.
Looking at the Installation guide it looks like I will need:

*         A PHP Server running version 5.2 or above

*         A Mysql install
Is this all I need?
Will I need these to be set up in a certain way?
Can anyone recommend specific versions of these?
How much server space should I ask for? (This won't be a heavily used Xerte but it will need to be big enough to cope with probably a maximum of 50 learning objects)
Are there any other specifications I should request for this virtual server?
Is there a preconfigured virtual machine that can be download which would be an easier option?
Am I too out of my depth even thinking about this without guaranteed on-going technical support and maintenance?


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