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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Thu Jan 24 16:03:16 GMT 2013

If you're using the vle/xot install Alistair that works in both Chrome and
IE for me.


I do think that something changed in 1.9 in terms of where the pop-up browse
window appears and I mentioned this on the dev list previously but can't
track it down reliably. I'm sure in 1.7 and previous versions that browse
window always appeared on top but since 1.8/1.9 or somewhere between the two
it sometimes appears below the editor window and is easily missed. Not sure
if that's the issue for you but worth a mention.




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Can you apparently click it, and then nothing happens, or is the button
itself not responding to the mouse (do you see the mouse over / mouse down
states of the button?)

It works here fine on my xampp install of 1.9. Which install are you using?



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Has it ever worked?


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Any obvious reasons for the following?


I'm using toolkits version 1.9 I started with Google chrome but when I try
to add an image onto a Media> Graphics and sound page the Import media
button remained obstinately unresponsive. I searched through to check that
it wasn't loading a dialogue box in the background that there was nothing
anywhere on screen or behind screen that I could find.


I published the changes are made so far, close the browser reloaded and try
to add the image again and had exactly the same problem; completely
unresponsive image button. I then moved to Internet Explorer. The import
media button did what it was supposed to but I had a message about the
script making the browser unresponsive. Everything ground to a halt.


It actually very simple stuff I'm trying to do in preparation for the Xerte
Friday session tomorrow. Any hints or tips as to what might be going wrong?





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