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the point is you can make irregular shaped hotspots if you want to, rather than the square ones in the other hotspot image template: you pay with a slightly more difficult setup: add an image first, then add shapes on top of it, as Fay says give each a label and info, and optionally a group, then you can have multiple shapes act as one.

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I don't think we have a user guide for this page although it does work slightly differently to other pages so can be hard to understand initially.

Basic instructions:

1.       Click the Edit button to open the drawing window where you create your diagram.

2.       With a shape selected, click the pencil icon on the info panel to reveal the extra fields where you can enter the details for the shape (see screen shot attached)

3.       Give your shape a Label and some Info

4.       I think you need to have a minimum of three shapes on the stage for it to work

5.       Save the drawing

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Where can I find user guide for Interactive Diagram LP?

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