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David Goodwin david at palepurple.co.uk
Tue Jan 22 09:36:39 GMT 2013

If magic quotes are enabled, then PHP will call addslashes on all user supplied input (e.g. $_POST['filedata']);

If magic quotes are turned off, the stripslashes will presumably break things.

Having stripslashes there is going to cause issues - as some sites/servers will have magic quotes turned on, others will have it turned off.

The code should do something like :

if(get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {
	$_POST['filedata'] = stripslashes($_POST['filedata']);

See : http://uk1.php.net/get_magic_quotes_gpc


On 22 Jan 2013, at 01:30, "Pat @ Pgogy" <xerte at pgogywebstuff.com> wrote:

> The reason the stripslashes is in there is because without that the file used to break and every speech mark was prefixed with a slash
> I don't know if anything has changed with this in php, but I'd be surprised.
> I would track the tex requests in console to see what is being sent
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> On 21 Jan 2013, at 22:02, Paul Swanson <Paul.Swanson at harlandfs.com> wrote:
>> I think you might be safe, but Pat may be the only one who could really answer that.

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