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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 18:26:46 GMT 2013

Thanks for the suggestion Paul.

But in terms of XOT I'm looked through most of the previous discussion about
this in different threads and it's not clear why this stripping of slahes
happens on some servers and not on others. As I mentioned as a test I turned
magic_quotes_gpc on server wide but that didn't prevent the slashes from
being stripped. Also in a previous thread the use of ini_set(
'magic_quotes_gpc', true ); in save.php didn't resolve the issue either.


stripslashes is used in at least a few different places in save.php so I'm
not sure it's a good idea to go messing with that before identifying what
the difference is between servers where this is an issue and those where
it's not. I'm going to compare phpinfo results first to try to spot the





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On my php applications, I use the following function before saving any data
to the database:


// function for escaping and trimming form data

function escape_data ($data) {

    global $dbc;

    if (ini_get ('magic_quotes_gpc')) {

        $data = stripslashes ($data);


    return mysql_real_escape_string (trim ($data), $dbc);

} // end of escape_data() function


It checks to see if magic_quotes_gpc is on, and if so, employs the
stripslashes function, since magic_quotes adds slashes. If magic_quotes
isn't on, it skips the stripslashes function. This function ensures that
either configuration is handled.


$dbc in the function is the database connection resource variable.


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Hi all

this has been discussed previously but in different threads and I decided it
would be worth summarising and checking this in a new thread...


In previous discussions it's clear that depending on php configuration
previewing and/or publishing was/is stripping slashes to the point that
latex code had all slashes removed and therefore didn't work. There was a
suggestion of using ini_set( 'magic_quotes_gpc', true ); in save.php but
it's not clear if that resolved the issue.


I have an installation (linux) where this is happening so as a test I turned
on magic_quotes_gpc server wide but that hasn't resolved the issue. Also I
read that magic quotes has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0 and REMOVED as of
PHP 5.4.0.


So what's the solution to this? Why is it working ok on the Nottingham
install but not for me and others? Or is it?




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