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Wed Jan 16 12:11:08 GMT 2013

Thanks for the quick reply. Re SCORM, in general, keeping up with Moodle
at least, though of course SCORM/AICC is evolving (TIN CAN /CMI-5).

The biggest problem currently is the publicly writable directories (chmod
0777, toolkits installation guide p19,) which is a security issue and
quite correctly forbidden by some hosting services (we are talking about a
potential internet not an intranet application here).

Can the location of these be changed (perhaps within a config file,) to a
server location that has no URL, so for example from:

opt/domainname/web/html[site root]/xerte/USER-FILES



to enable test and integration of the online toolkit without the security

Also, as this online toolkit installation hasn't been completed for the
above reasons, does it render the same as the techdis version does on some
high aspect ratio laptop screens, i.e. with the 'play' icon and other page
foot features of the new project dialogue out of view in a window with no
scroll bar?

Many thanks for any suggestions in advance.

> Yes, still very actively being developed.
> Out new website has some broken links, but don't let that worry you (I
> thought I'd found and fixed them all?)
> Tom has some plans for more SCORM support: what are your requirements
> here?
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> I have a few questions about the project.
> Is this project still being actively developed and in particular, is there
> any intention to release further versions with support for later SCORM or
> AICC standards? If so, is there a roadmap or timetable for this?
> Is there a bug list -I've has difficulties setting up the Xerte Online
> Toolkits on a hosting server for test because of security issues over
> publicly writable directories (could these not be relocated to a folder
> path without a url?) and for example the hosted techdis version does not
> display properly in my browser?
> There are several broken links on the project site
> http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xerte/ and I'm wondering if the targets have
> been relocated or withdrawn?
> I did e-mail the developers at Nottingham over all these issues but
> received no reply so far.
> Regards,
> Julian
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