[Xerte] Xerte Project Questions

avitor training training at avitor.aero
Tue Jan 15 10:50:21 GMT 2013

I have a few questions about the project.

Is this project still being actively developed and in particular, is there
any intention to release further versions with support for later SCORM or
AICC standards? If so, is there a roadmap or timetable for this?

Is there a bug list -I've has difficulties setting up the Xerte Online
Toolkits on a hosting server for test because of security issues over
publicly writable directories (could these not be relocated to a folder
path without a url?) and for example the hosted techdis version does not
display properly in my browser?

There are several broken links on the project site
http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/xerte/ and I'm wondering if the targets have
been relocated or withdrawn?

I did e-mail the developers at Nottingham over all these issues but
received no reply so far.



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