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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
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Why create a new install? Easier and better to upgrade the existing install.
General process as follows:


1. backup existing database and directory just in case

2. drop 1.9 code over top of existing code

3. visit the install to test the basics are working ok via guest access e.g.
create and test an LO

4. If you are using LDAP for authentication visit
http://yourinstall/upgrade.php to automatically copy details from
sitedeatils to ldap table

5. change from guest to ldap or one of the other authentication options in
auth_config.php by commenting/un-commenting the relevant line

6. If you are using Moodle for authentication read and follow the
instructions in the moodle_integration_readme file

7. refresh index.php and test login and creation etc


A final point - there isn't a maintenance mode like these is in Moodle for
preventing non-admins logging in during upgrade and you dodn't want people
creating new LO's in case you do have to revert back so perhaps schedule
this and notify people and/or rename index.php temporarily so only you can
visit and test etc.






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I was hoping to do the very same today. Any technical suggestions for this


I suppose the alternative is to run up a new installation of XOT in a
separate location/database and then move the user content over - how
possible/easy is this?


Guidance gratefully received.




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Dear all,


We are currently seeking to upgrade from an older version of Xerte (Online
Toolkits) hosted on IIS to the latest version. We wish to maintain the
existing database in order to preserve our existing content. Which config
files would need to be modified after installing a fresh version of Xerte in
order to hook it up to our existing database? I presume that once done,
Xerte will pick up our LDAP settings from the database but would any
additional configuration be required in order to re-enable LDAP
authentication on this new install (we authenticate at present using our
Active Directory server with Xerte)?


Many thanks in advance for your assistance,


Kind regards,




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