[Xerte] Translation of LO's

István Pető ipeto77 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 17:18:14 GMT 2013

Hi there,

I have XOT 1.8 and have already created many LO's. They looks great
but I have to translate the language variables (e.g. Feedback, Submit,
Next in quiz). I found these variables at least in two files:
parent_templates/Notthingham/data.xwd and
parent_templates/Notthingham/models/quiz.rlm. I tried to translate
these phrases in both places and replaced original files but nothing
changed in the existing LO's.
In addition there's an If-statement in quiz.rlm for setting up the
language strings:
if (pageIcon.templateData.quiz[projPI].quesCount != undefined){
      quesCount = pageIcon.templateData.quiz[projPI].quesCount
etc. etc.
Where these language variables are supposed to be come form? What
would be the best way to translate Xerte LO's?

Best regards,
Istvan Peto

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