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Nice one Jonathan, thanks,

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Hi Jonathan,

I'll put them on the community website as well! Thx!

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Op 7-1-2013 23:23, Kemp Johnathan schreef:
Hello Xerte / XOT users everywhere,

I will be away from my email for a few weeks and so unable to respond to any queries regarding the connector pages, or "pages" type of projects in Xerte.

However there is some fairly detailed help available at the following links to help you out,


Please note: The latest version of XOT includes the facility to allow any page to have a text based Connection to another page using the pageLink feature (use it in the same way you make text bold or add a hyperlink). All pages now offer the ability to define what navigation buttons are active when that page displays. There learning object now also has an additional option for the navigation attribute of "Historic" which provides for a Home button and a Back button that operates based on the history of pages accessed rather than the pages sequence in the project. These features have rendered the following connector pages redundant in XOT thus they are no longer included in the list of connector pages.

Redirector Connector (Any page use a page link to provide the redirection)
Plain Text Connector (plain text page and use a pagelink)
Tabbed Navigator Connector (tabbed navigator and use pagelinks)

Projects created in earlier versions of XOT that use connector pages will be in the main backward compatible with the exception of the above pages that will need replacing with the alternative shown in brackets. If you have used connector pages in a project and then upgrade to the latest version of XOT I recommend you perform a brief test to check everything is OK.

For full details of any differences between the old and new version of the pages please refer to the help documents for which the links are supplied above. In Xerte the pages have not changed so anywhere in the help file where a difference is shown between Xerte and XOT will give you an indication of the change that has been made.

I think you will find the new connector pages a big improvement.

Many thanks to Julian who has performed some of his magic to provide the enhancements.

Have fun.



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