[Xerte] xerte desktop 2.18 page templates question

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Thu Jan 3 00:32:22 GMT 2013

The new page templates in desktop v2.18 look great and I'm anxious to use
them, but have a question about how I can do so in existing RLO's.


When I create a new file in 2.18 the page templates come up as 'undefined'
unless I create a new 'Page Project' which opens 'Pages.rlo', then
'template.rlt' when I'm building a template page. Do I need to build the
course in 'Pages.rlo'?


After working in 'Pages.rlo' I'm wondering how I can get some of the
template pages back into my original RLO. If I use any of the page templates
there they seem to build and get pasted in but preview as 'undefined'. Even
though my older RLO is in the same directory as 'pages.rlo' (which runs fine
with the templates pages I built) I don't seem to be able to copy/paste the
new pages back into my older RLO although the path to the templates is the

Sorry I know this must sound very confusing.just wondering.do I have to
rebuild the older files in or as 'Pages.rlo' then save it to another
filename? Right now I don't see how else I can use the template pages in an
existing RLO.






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