[Xerte] Re: Desktop - bypassing a sound based on variable

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 11 09:22:31 GMT 2013

You're on the flow, and you want to decide whether to play a sound or just scoot straight on?

I'd put the sound on the flowline, as it were, and then in a script beforehand do

If (myVar == true){ //or whatever
  icon.nextSibling.removeNode(); //delete the sound icon (removeNode()?)
{ else {
  //the sound will play

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Julian, I know we went down this road once before, and can't remember the outcome.

In AW it was fairly common to use a Decision icon to say, enable/disable the playing of sound in a piece.

You hung the sound off the dec icon, then used a calculated path, 0 or 1.
That worked because AW is one based, so the first path was 1.
If you set 0, it bypassed the dec icon and continued down the flow line.

So, what can I do with Xerte's 0 based dec icon?
-1 does nothing, flow just stops at the dec icon.

As a bit of a kludge, I found setting the repeat property to zero does what I want, but I can't get that property to accept a variable.
If I try to use a variable it just repeats endlessly.

Missing something or some other way to skin this cat?

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