[Xerte] Re: Desktop - bypassing a sound based on variable

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You probably already tried this... but just in case...

Can you set the play property of the sound to 0 and then use SoundID.play() in a subsequent script icon to play the sound if your condition is met?

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Subject: [Xerte] Desktop - bypassing a sound based on variable

Julian, I know we went down this road once before, and can't remember the outcome.
In AW it was fairly common to use a Decision icon to say, enable/disable the playing of sound in a piece.
You hung the sound off the dec icon, then used a calculated path, 0 or 1.That worked because AW is one based, so the first path was 1.If you set 0, it bypassed the dec icon and continued down the flow line.
So, what can I do with Xerte's 0 based dec icon?-1 does nothing, flow just stops at the dec icon.
As a bit of a kludge, I found setting the repeat property to zero does what I want, but I can't get that property to accept a variable.If I try to use a variable it just repeats endlessly.
Missing something or some other way to skin this cat?

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