[Xerte] several questions from non-technical desirer of Xerte Online - who needs more info before making decision. Can you please help, if possible?

Darren Jorgensen visceraledge at icloud.com
Sat Dec 21 12:31:42 GMT 2013

Hello all.  First of all, I'd like to apologize if I'm using the wrong method of posting this "comment", but after attempting to navigate the site for Xerte I was so confused by the architectural choices and lack of direction when you are looking for specific answers, that at 4:20 a.m. I have finally given up!

I am very impressed with what I am learning about Xerte Online Services. I became alerted to them as I was looking for a WordPress Plugin with which I could do the following things:

Build a series of Courses containing Individual Lessons within, and possibly even creating another level below that to break up the Course/Lesson structure a bit more cleanly.
Brand my Courses, Lessons, etc. with my own company's Branding - including logo, colours, fonts, etc.
Incorporate multiple forms of media elements, including:
Slideshow and/or (preferably) Keynote Presentations
In-house produced Video Assets, and if they MUST be hosted on some inferior platform like YouTube, then at least the knowledge that Vimeo integration is VERY CLOSE BEHIND.  YouTube is just really crappy in quality, in how they self-brand so obviously and pervasively (they are trying to pull YOUR visitors to YOUR site watching the video YOU placed there back to THEIR OWN YOUTUBE SITE.  That is hardly my ideal vision for either building up my own following (because YouTube is luring them away with their "suggested videos to watch" at the end of every video).  Vimeo, on the other hand, DOES do their own marketing on the player, but it isn't as pervasive - and the quality of the image is, hands down, far superior to the crappy image streaming out of YouTube.  And yes, I'm a 15-year Video Professional Veteran (Bachelor's and MFA in Video Production) so I guess I have a lot to say when a company has chosen to partner with a company that delivers an inferior product to support their own; all it does is diminish THIS product in the eye of many beholders. At least this beholder.
Images in all kind of formats - I like to use a lot of multimedia when I construct classes:
And this one might just be the most important of all… I need a plugin or program that works with HTML5 for Video playback - and absolutely NOT flash, I can't believe that there are still developers out there who are integrating Flash as a core component of their device's functionality - when these properties definitely will not work on Apple products. And I'm sorry if you're an Android or Galaxy fan - but those products just don't compare to the iPad or the iPhone and about 80% of my prospects all us Apple products on the go, so it would not make any sense for me to use a product that cannot be used on an Apple device.
I need to restrict access to courses based upon payments. There's lot's of WordPress plugins that
I was looking at the Xerte Online Service because it seems so well designed, so well thought out, so well attended - but just certain issues scare the bejeezus out of me when I think about it working in real time.

So, does ANYONE have any ideas as to what direction this plugin is heading and if any of the above functionalities are on the way or if they're working on them - or even if you have an alternative WordPress Plugin that would be able to handle the above requirements.  As I stated, I would really LOVE to use this plugin - it just has to be able to do certain specific things…

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