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Are you interested in applications that would facilitate note taking, mapping of learning and linking of references. Also if you are looking at audio one step further would be music writing.
I don't want to add stuff you are not interested in to your list so just checking first.
The software I have in mind is
Open Office
Freemind (Mind mapping software)
Compendium (from the OU "CompendiumNG, is a powerful application that lets you create extensive and interactive maps using nodes and link structure. Common usages of CompendiumNG include: dialog mapping and mind mapping but its uses are almost limitless.") There is also a learning design version.
Musescore (for writing and playing back music)
Audiveris (for converting scanned sheet music into MuseScore files)
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On 16 December 2013 09:46, Julian Tenney <Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk<mailto:Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk>> wrote:

I'm doing some work with a new Science and Technology academy being set up here in Nottingham: I want to compile a list of useful - and preferably free - applications for them to consider installing for students to use. They are going to provide a mix of desktop and tablet technology, so do you have any particular favourites you'd add?

I'm thinking about all aspects of web design, multimedia, coding, graphics, video, etc. If you could let me know your favourite tools in those categories that would be great,

Thanks a lot,


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