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Wed Dec 11 22:22:38 GMT 2013

I'm still on XOT 1.8 (trying to move to 2) and running into intermittent
'ERROR: Insufficient Editing Priviliges' issues when trying to edit a LO. 


This error message is in 'EDIT.PHP' and the trigger is on Line 234 as below
in pink/yellow. It appears that the LO I'm trying to edit does not have
'Editable=True' set, however this problem is intermittent and only appears


For instance, this morning I logged in as per usual and got the error
(windows did multiple updates last night, not sure if that had any effect).
Then I logged in as another user and it went away, when I logged in as the
original user it was OK and the error did not appear. 


I'm not good with PHP, can anyone tell me in plain language what this error
is telling me, and when it happens how I might be able to overcome it?




BTW: almost done with a parts/modules html menu for XOT2, will wait for
John's page events to deal with dbase communications.






                                                * Wiki mode - check to see
if template allows anonymous editing.



                                                $string_for_flash_xml =
$xerte_toolkits_site->users_file_area_short . $row_edit['template_id'] . "-"
. $row_username['username'] . "-" . $row_edit['template_name'] .


                                                $buffer =



echo "<h3>ERROR: Insufficient Editing Privileges</h3>\n";



                                                                * Wiki mode
not set        ????????  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN  ??????




                                                                * Wiki mode



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