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Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Tue Aug 13 14:13:34 BST 2013

I think that's subjective. Black worked for Henry Ford. I like the other quote from him which is 'if I asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me a 'faster horse' '.

Seriously though, we might build in some new colour scheme controls. If your techy you could change the stylesheets which isn't so hard if you know some CSS. The buttons are graphics though, so you'd need to change those files (you can see below the stay black), but it's not hard to change the interface colours.

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Thank you for the quick reply - I don't really see users changing it but at the moment it is just black and white which doesn't look good and is not very accessible. I'm happy for it to be one colour and stay like that - I just don't want it to be black and white.

Overall, it does seem much better though - I can tell a lot of thought, hard-work and effort has gone in to it.

I'll have a further play round (if I can get back in!) and see what I can do.

Thanks again

From: Julian Tenney [mailto:Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk]
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We've been giving this some thought. The reason we kept the controls out of the new version is that, as far as accessibility goes, it is much, much better if it is handled by the browser, and that is possible now with the html5 output. The reasons we put those controls in there in the first place was to make up for the Flash player's lack of accessible features. We don't have that problem anymore.

What is interesting is that folk have evidently got to like the fact that you can change the colours even if there isn't a direct 'accessibility' need, and perceive the new runtime to be less accessible than the old one, when in fact the reverse is true. You're not the first to bring it up.

Is this something that you want to do - or is it something you see your users actually doing as they use the content? I've not seen many users take advantage of the different colour schemes to be honest, but maybe that's just me. There are some ways you can change the look and feel - a background image is an obvious one.

I'm afraid I don't look after the techDis install, so I can't help you with the username issue. These things notwithstanding, the new toolkits is loads better than the old one for loads of reasons.


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Thanks for your replies Julian and Alistair,

Previously when I used Xerte, it looked like the example below in blue - colours were easy to change from the colour scheme tab at the bottom of the page. Now it is just black and white with no colour scheme tab - I now can't get in to provide a screenshot as what I thought was my username evidently isn't and I can't see an option to reset it. Thanks for your help  - but I may call it a day as I'm getting so frustrated with even the basics now which is such a shame as I used to love it.

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Kind regards

From: Sarah Wolfenden
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Subject: Background colour

Hello all,

We don't have Xerte at my institution but I used it at my last and it was great. I've signed up to it for personal use so I can create guides and put them in Blackboard  but only have a black and white screen. Does anyone know how I can change this?


Sarah Wolfenden  BA (Hons) MA (Lond) MCLIP
Subject Liaison Librarian - School of Social Sciences

Brunel University Library

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