[Xerte] Re: OT: Flash Paste Special question

Dave Burnett d_b_burnett at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 30 16:16:51 BST 2013

It's a button state image from AW.To import I'd have to copy from AW to PSP, create and save the file, then go through the Import.CSV is good between frames, but I can't seem to control where it pastes off the clipboard.
I have to paste then 0, 0 each image to keep them aligned to duplicate the button state action.grrrr. From: Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
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Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 16:08:14 +0100
Subject: [Xerte] Re: OT: Flash Paste Special question

Why not import it? That will put it at 0,0? There is a way of maintain positions, something like hold down shift? CTRL-SHIFT-V? From: xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk [mailto:xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk] On Behalf Of Dave Burnett
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Subject: [Xerte] OT: Flash Paste Special question I am copying an image from a different program and then pasting it in to a keyframe viaEdit > Paste Special > Device Independent Bitmap.Is there any way to force the image to paste at 0,0?? I've looked and googled and find no reference to it.I can't even figure out why it pastes where it does.

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