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robb robb at interlin.nl
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 Here is the language-config.xml ( it is standard from install)



  <language name="English (en-GB)" code="en-GB" file="engine_en-GB.xml" wizardf$
  <language name="English (en-US)" code="en-US" file="engine_en-US.xml" wizardf$
  <language name="Nederlands (nl-NL)" code="nl-NL" file="engine_nl-NL.xml" wiza$
  <language name="Francais (fr-FR)" code="fr-FR" file = "engine_fr-FR.xml" wiza$
  <language name="Español (en-ES)" code="es-ES" file = "engine_es-ES.xml" wizar$


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Can you post the language-config.xml file?

Op 29-4-2013 11:43, robb schreef:

Hi all,


I have another question.

I installed xot 2.0 and now I wish to make multiple languages available. I see these xml files and directories in the directory /path/to/xerte/languages:


en-GB             engine_fr-FR.xml  languageChanger.rlo  wizard_nl-BE.xml
engine_en-GB.xml  engine_nl-BE.xml  language-config.xml  wizard_nl-NL.xml
engine_en-US.xml  engine_nl-NL.xml  nl-BE
engine_es-ES.xml  en-XX             wizard_en-GB.xml

As you can see I added nl-BE as a language through the management page

However, when I try to change the lanuage to nl-BE I can't since I only see en-GB as selectable language.

This is both for Global and for user language selection.


How can I add other languages? (i would love to have both Dutch and French supported)




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