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Thnx for pointing to this. Exactly what was the problem:

database_host was ¨¨

I filled in localhost since mysql is on the same server.



Filled in the DB user.


password was filled in correctly.


database_name was ¨¨

filled in the xot db name


database_table_prefix was ¨¨

I filled inj the desired prefix


It would be nice to knoe WHY those things were left blank and not taken from database.txt??


Anyway, all is running now!





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From a Ron Mitchell post a while back:

1. Try the installation again but before you submit page3 to page 4, check database.php which should be created automatically in the root of your install but may not have all the correct values. If it doesn t edit that so that it does and then submit page 3 to page 4.
e.g. see if the correct database name is in database.php

From: robb at interlin.nl
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Subject: [Xerte] mysql problem installing XOT2

Last week I successfully installed XOT2 on a Zentyal 3.0 server (ubuntu 12.04 x64)
This was more or less to get familiar with the installation process. Now I decided to add XOT2 on a server I manage for a primary school. This server is a Zentyal 2.2 server (ubuntu 10.04 x86)
On the server mysql and php was already installed. I created a vhost to host xerte and deflated the zip there. I changed permissions for the necessary directories and files and started the installation proces.
At page 2 the troubles already start. I get a bunch of errormessages. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613964/
finally at page 4 I get: Sorry, the system cannot connect to the database at present. The mysql error is No database selected
When I look in phpmyadmin, I see the xot database and the tables are created.
Any ideas?

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