[Xerte] mysql problem installing XOT2

robb robb at interlin.nl
Sun Apr 28 22:39:50 BST 2013

Last week I successfully installed XOT2 on a Zentyal 3.0 server (ubuntu 12.04 x64)


This was more or less to get familiar with the installation process. Now I decided to add XOT2 on a server I manage for a primary school. This server is a Zentyal 2.2 server (ubuntu 10.04 x86)


On the server mysql and php was already installed. I created a vhost to host xerte and deflated the zip there. I changed permissions for the necessary directories and files and started the installation proces.


At page 2 the troubles already start. I get a bunch of errormessages. see http://paste.ubuntu.com/5613964/


finally at page 4 I get: Sorry, the system cannot connect to the database at present. The mysql error is No database selected


When I look in phpmyadmin, I see the xot database and the tables are created.


Any ideas?


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