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robb robb at interlin.nl
Thu Apr 25 21:58:39 BST 2013

Hi list,

I am exited that xerte 2.0 has come out today (same as ubuntu raring ringtale and schooltool 2.4, but thats for other lists... :) )
I installed XOT 2.0 on a Zentyal 3.0 server (ubuntu 12.04 x64 LTS)
I did not yet configure LDAP integration, so I should rely on user created in the application database.
Now my question: HOW do I add users? The only option I currently have is using xot as guest user, without login.
I logged in the administration page, but there I was not able to create any new users. So how does this work within xot? Or should I just configure LDAP and can I login with LDAP users then?

btw: on the guest user page, there is no option to log in with any user account either.

thnx for the response

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