[Xerte] Eventbrite tickets for the forthcoming Xerte conference - relevant to those attending both days

Kemp Johnathan johnathan.kemp at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 26 09:58:32 BST 2012

Maybe I am a bit slow this morning, but I thought it might be useful anyway
to warn those attending both days of a possible "gotcha".

This is the first time I have used the Eventbrite system, so was a little
surprised when it generated two emails for me to download my ticket.

Both emails were identical. The file name for the pdf file that each linked
to was the same.

However the pdf content of the two files was different since each pdf
represented a ticket for one of the two days.

So if you are attending both days it looks like you will need to print out
both pdfs, so you may want to avoid overwriting the first pdf when you
download the second.

Kind regards

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