[Xerte] movie size optional property/ undefined

Catherall, Paul P.Catherall at liverpool.ac.uk
Wed Sep 19 16:20:39 BST 2012

Just wondering if anyone knows how to enter the dimensions for the optional property ‘movie size’ in the Flash template in toolkits?
I’ve tried 720,576 and 720x576 just to give you a few examples of attempts.

Also, not sure how it has happened, but we are getting ‘undefined’ appearing in some places around Xerte such as the Ispring template (when viewed live), also ‘undefined’ when viewing/ hovering over the contents icon near the back arrow, and also ‘undefined’ above the contents window, any ideas much appreciated (although I am hoping the next/clean upgrade of Xerte might get rid of these issues).

[cid:image001.png at 01CD9682.B57BD980]

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