[Xerte] adding pop up action to a model

Laurent MATHIEU laurent.mathieu at scassi.com
Tue Sep 11 16:30:44 BST 2012

Good afternoon,

I am trying to make my first set of customised models and templates for XOT using the latest version of Xerte desktop. However I'm not sure about what is feasible and how.

One of my expectation would be to get the narration transcript displayed on demand to the learner. That could be a cool feature for learners without appropriate audio device, in a public space or even suffering from hearing damage for instance.

If possible, this development would take the form of a button invoking a pop up to be displayed - like the pop up we get from a term in the glossary or the pop up used for the table of content.

I have not had a chance to find any occurrence of these pop up from the default template and models files. Just wondering if there is a function existing for invoking such pop up?

Many thanks.


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