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Ron Mitchell ronm at mitchellmedia.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 14:42:07 BST 2012

Some points to clarify here...

1. The SCORM tracking only works when the Xerte LO is exported from XOT and
imported into Moodle as SCORM so I don't see how moving a toolkits
installation is going to fix anything related to a SCORM/Theme/Javascript

2. The SCORM tracking also only works on the Quiz page so do you really need
SCORM export or could you just link from XOT? If so there's shouldn't be a
Javascript clash?

3. When you moved the XOT installation did you also change the sitedetails
values either direct in the database or via the management page? Even if the
db details are correct you will still need to change location/path details
for the site to work in the new location.


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OK I've tracked down the problem i was having last week with xerte scorm
packages not loading to being a theme issue. I'm using the aardvark theme
and have found that by using the latest version of this theme the package
runs. I think this is possibly to do with javascript in the theme.

unfortunently the latest version of the theme is significantly different
from the theme we launched moodle 2 with it and changing it at this  point
is likely to cause issues - out of date handouts etc.

So I have now shifted my efforts back to getting the online tool kits
- with moodle integration - working again in the hope that i link to the
scorm modules in that and by pass the theme issues.

I've copied across the database and xerte files from moodle 1.9 into moodle
2 and reset the database.php files as needed.

however I'm getting a blank page. tacking throught he index page it's
failing at:

	$mysql_id=database_connect("index.php database connect
success","index.php database connect fail");

I've checked that the password and username are fine by setting up a
standard 'mysql_connect'

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