[Xerte] xerte and moodle

Dan Attwood danattwood at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 13:50:31 BST 2012

OK I've tracked down the problem i was having last week with xerte
scorm packages not loading to being a theme issue. I'm using the
aardvark theme and have found that by using the latest version of this
theme the package runs. I think this is possibly to do with javascript
in the theme.

unfortunently the latest version of the theme is significantly
different from the theme we launched moodle 2 with it and changing it
at this  point is likely to cause issues - out of date handouts etc.

So I have now shifted my efforts back to getting the online tool kits
- with moodle integration - working again in the hope that i link to
the scorm modules in that and by pass the theme issues.

I've copied across the database and xerte files from moodle 1.9 into
moodle 2 and reset the database.php files as needed.

however I'm getting a blank page. tacking throught he index page it's
failing at:

	$mysql_id=database_connect("index.php database connect
success","index.php database connect fail");

I've checked that the password and username are fine by setting up a
standard 'mysql_connect'

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