[Xerte] insert button greyed out

Dan Attwood danattwood at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 09:43:57 GMT 2012

Having finally got permission to move my moodle/ xerte install from
windows to an ubuntu 12.04 one. I've updated all the files paths I
could fine and have the login from moodle and main edit windows
working. However I'm getting the old problem where the insert button
is greyed out and so not allowing me to add things.

In my /etc/apache2/mod-available/mime.conf i have added;

AddType text/plain .rlm
AddType text/plain .rlt
AddType text/plain .rlo

and I've start stopped the apache server but still no dice.

Does anyone one have any notes or configs they could share with me on
getting this running on ubuntu?

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