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Gerrard Shaw gerrard.shaw at redbridge-iae.ac.uk
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I'm testing out the updated version of Xerte Toolkits but having a problem when trying to create an interactive drag and drop activity with a large image.

Is there any way to increase the size of the content area from the standard 800x600? I can see options in the Object properties to display full-screen but it doesn't seem to have any effect? Problem being that I've got a "lifecycle wheel" that our care tutors would like to have as a label activity but it doesn't fit properly in the standard Xerte window.

(all our PCs use 19" or larger monitors at 1280x1024 so I'm not worried about the window size being larger)

I'd also like to have 2-line labels (as some of the text is quite like), although putting a <br> tag in the middle does the trick it also makes the border look weird as Xerte only puts it around the first line of the label. Is there a change I could do in the code somewhere that would make this work?


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