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Are the learning objects visible publicly? 
Unfortunately they are not. The moodle platform also is not visible to unregistered users:(Now the platform is on the Cà Foscari servers

Sorry by now I never explained the project EU-MeS project::it
 started 2 years ago, I work 
for a social promotion association called Entropica sub-contractor for 
the technical part of the project. We built with Moodle a biennial specialization 
course for organised and held  by the following universities: SOAS London,. Paris 8, Montpellier 3 Cà Foscari Venice, Universitat Barcelona.The full course is made by 11 modules, each partner university did 2 modules and one (the "women and gender in the euro mediterranean context" module) held collectively by all partners.Each module was composed by 10 or 11 units according to a weekly timing. The most complexes units had video or audio contents in forms of video conferences or audio files, the others were a mere sequence of pdfs with a simple levels of interaction with students (submitting text files).
 At the end of the first two years and end of the project (for us) we had to take out the contents from the platform and put them back together in a scorm package without any involvement of the teachers, for this the scorm operation was a little bit suffering of neglect. 
Basically the scorm courses are only linear sequences of materials ordered as the weekly 
modules on the platform, anyway it was a very interesting work, for me a sort of learning by doing experience, also thanks to the help of this mailing list.In attachment the logo of the project (that I also realised).Giacomo
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