[Xerte] Friday Problem: Any ideas

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Oct 19 09:30:33 BST 2012

Have you got any idea how we could tackle this problem:

Background: Supervising students in a lab is a PITA because there are so many of them. Typically, supervisor walks around the room talking to students about what they are seeing happening, and makes sure they're seeing the right things and deducing the right conclusions for the right reasons.

Proposal: iPads. Student works through some preconfigured worksheet (capable of equations / formulae) on an iPad during the lab session. Supervisor has the ability to see all of the student's individual documents from his iPad, and provide comments to the student as required over the wi-fi. Comments are ephemeral, and disappear once closed, must support a dialog between the student and supervisor. Supervisor can look in at any student's doc at any time.

I want to tackle this with existing tools, or some very lightweight development to join up some technologies, not a custom built project from scratch.

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