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Fay Cross Fay.Cross at nottingham.ac.uk
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You need the correct file path.

In XOT select the project and click the properties button.  On the Media & Quota tab you will see a list of all the media you've uploaded to the project.  Select the footballers2.jpg image from the list and a file path will appear in the box above it.  Use this path as the src instead of just "media/footballers2.jpg".

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One of our users is trying to place an image in a page;
Its one of the templates with
Page title
Button Label

Theyre trying to put  <img src="media/footballers2.jpg" height="440" width="310" > into the Instruction pane

The image renders fine in a browser locally but not in the XOT or when displayed in Blackboard - any ideas?

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