[Xerte] Re: Putting my learning object online

Suhaila Haji Mohd Hussin bell_beauty12 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 26 12:33:42 GMT 2012

Yes I can still see the content when I open .rlo file on Xerte but what I wish is to see the content after publishing it.
What am I missing?

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Subject: [Xerte] Re: Putting my learning object online

If you open the .rlo file, you can still see the content, right? From: xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk [mailto:xerte-bounces at lists.nottingham.ac.uk] On Behalf Of Suhaila Haji Mohd Hussin
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Subject: [Xerte] Putting my learning object online Hello.  I followed the instructions in help or getting started xerte on how to publish. I haven't put them into any web server yet. I just tried opening the index.htm from my local computer after publishingbut it only shows me a loading bar saying 'loading xml' Where is my tutorial content? I just use the default interface, didn't change anything. Just added pages and texts. That was it. Please help,Suhaila

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