[Xerte] Re: Problem with Embedding Fonts

Julian Tenney Julian.Tenney at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Nov 14 07:52:49 GMT 2012

It works fine.

I did this:

- made a folder called lib, put the font in it;
- made a folder called piece and made a new rlo in it
- opened the rlo, file, compile library
- browsed for the lib folder and said OK
- resoures swf was created in the piece folder.
- I restarted xerte as prompted
- added a text field, set embedFOnts to 1, fontName to ostrich-regular, typed in some text
- see attached

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I'm trying to embed Ostrich fonts that I just downloaded and extracted to a folder shown in the attached image.

According to Shared Library (from help) I need to select 'compile library' and select the folder then restart Xerte.

I already set embedFonts to value 1 and textFont to Ostrich Regular. You may refer to what I did in the attached image as well.

Apparently, it's not working. No text was shown in the output. (Refer to the attached image as well).

Please help.

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